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What Our Clients Have Said About Us

Saint Michael’s Home Care in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL has been providing excellent home care services since 2012. We love our work and our clients and it shows through dedication, and a friendly attitude. We trust that we can take care of your every need and leave you feeling happy that you chose us as your home care provider. Do not just take our word for it though. Read the testimonials from our satisfied clients who have shared their experiences with us.

  1. Jo D

    “The caregiver you chose for my husband is wonderful. Nancy is so nice, understanding and compassionate. Absolutely love her.”

  2. Lisa M

    “I was looking for an agency for caregiving services and was introduced to Saint Michael's Home Care. The level of care, professionalism, and prompt response to questions was superb. I received excellent Healthcare support and was amazed at how simple and easy my transition was to caregiver support through Saint Michael's.”

  3. Patti K

    “Many thanks to you and your staff of caregivers for the wonderful job they did under difficult circumstances. Should we need help again I will not hesitate to call you.”

  4. Lucy C

    “I just wanted to write a letter and let you know how great things are with my mother, Carol. She is so happy to have Megan as her Caregiver. Mom talks constantly about Megan and all the things she helps her with around the apartment. I can’t believe she actually helped her clean out her disaster of a closet! Mom really does adore Megan and I just wanted to tell someone the great job she is doing. It is very difficult for my sister and I to be in her daily life because we are so far away, but it is very comforting to know that we have someone like Megan that is there keeping a close eye on her.”

  5. Lucille M

    “First, knowing and working with you has been an extraordinary experience. Very few professional acquaintances take such a personal interest in their clients. You have done just that! Installing the doorbell may have seemed like a small thing, but it served an important purpose for the household. Second, your thoughtful gesture of stopping by with the rose and a lovely card gave, and continues to give me pleasure. Thank you for those things and all the ways you show a personal interest in me and others. Choosing Carmen as my caregiver spotlighted another one of your talents. She is truly special, a real jewel!”

  6. John H

    “Saint Michael's Home Care is excellent in every dimension. The quality of care and the caring allowed my mother to live at home for her last years. The caregivers are professional, extremely competent, reliable, friendly, understanding, accommodating and loving. I cannot say enough good things about the president of the company, Melissa McHale. Ours was a complicated situation and Melissa was fully responsive to all our needs. With none of Dorothy’s children living in the area but visiting often, she was flexible and helpful in all accommodating our needs. In addition, she is intimately involved and knowledgeable about every client, spending time and developing a relationship with each. Not only are her caregivers excellent but they like and respect Melissa as a boss. It is a great team of people. Dorothy suffered from Alzheimer’s and had mobility issues. Saint Michael's assigned a terrific caregiver to our mother and they were able to develop a great relationship. Whenever a substitute was needed, they were fully trained and knowledgeable about Dorothy’s situation and needs. As those needs became greater, Saint Michael's was able to seamlessly adjust, including overnight care. Dorothy and all of us came to rely on Saint Michael's. They were always there for us, offering the highest quality of care.”

  7. Suzanne F

    This organization is a superb outfit. They have wonderful workers who are courteous and hard workers. I can't express how thankful I am for their dedication.

  8. Roland G

    I am a wartime veteran of the Korean War and I must say that Saint Michael's Home Care is a fine organization. The owner is a very kind and thoughtful person, and their staff is second to none. I will continue to use their services anytime I may need them!

  9. George T

    I can't say enough great things about Saint Michael's home care. The young lady that comes to my apartment to help me is spectacular. She is always so happy to see me and always has a smile on her face. She cooks, she cleans, she helps me around my apartment, she does pretty much anything I need her to do. I don't know what I do without her!

  10. Ruby G

    I've got no complaints about my caregiver who comes to help me in my home. We get along great and she is ever so helpful for the million or so things I need on a daily basis. I'm 100 years old now so you could say I need some help with a thing or two. She is my little angel and I am forever grateful for her dedication to my needs.

  11. Martha, Bertha, Colleen, Angela and Fernando Martínez

    On behalf of the Martinez family, I would like to formally express our gratitude for the care given to our mother, Bertha Martinez, by Saint Michael's Home Care’s staff. It was a lucky day when we heard about Saint Michael’s as a potential caregiving option. After trying several other service providers in St. Augustine, we were disheartened. Saint Michael’s was a godsend. As you know, our mother had multiple health issues which made her care at home quite complex. Nevertheless, the ladies from Saint Michael worked closely with the medical team to keep her comfortable and at home, where she wanted to be. However, it was not only a matter of being on time and to follow instructions. It was a matter of caring with empathy and love. It was a matter of trying to make mother’s favorite meals and learning a few words in Spanish. It was a matter of giving emotional contention to my sister Martha – who was my mother’s lifelong companion. Finally and most importantly, we are grateful for the unique attention you gave to our family, Sean. Seldom do we come across such dedicated professionals. You were always open to our suggestions and acted quickly on our requests. God bless you for that.

  12. Joy P

    Finding dedicated, competent caregivers for your loved one is often a difficult and frustrating experience. I know because I've been in that situation with my handicapped daughter, elderly father and sick husband. Having dealt with four home care agencies, I'm able to say Saint Michael's Home Care is by far the best in taking care of those in need of assistance, both basic as well as complicated. The caregivers were concerned about my father's every need and desire. He enjoyed his favorite home cooked meals and was driven safely to every appointment. Keeping the house neat and his laundry clean were very important to his devoted, compassionate caregivers. They kept the family informed about his daily life on a regular basis and always sought advice on how they could improve the care they provided. Saint Michael's office staff was professional in how they coordinated everything to do with my father's care. The family and my father especially appreciated the consistency of the team. Dad had the same ladies in the rotation, not a different person every day as some agencies provide so he experienced a close relationship with the caregivers. They often celebrated holidays together. It's hard to express just how much I appreciate the love and devotion my father received from Saint Michael's. Because of Saint Michael's Home Care, my father was able to live his last years in his own house.

  13. Bill G

    I cannot say too many positive things about Saint Michael`s Home Care! When I found it necessary for home care for my wife, I chose a company that is very respected, and close to home. We used them for 12 hours daily for several months. Although many of the caregivers were fine some were not, and there were far too many in number which created significant confusion for my wife. There were many other shortfalls as well. We finally decided to switch to Saint Michael`s Home Care and enough time has passed to accurately evaluate their service. In a word…TERRIFIC! For starters, we have seen but 3 different caregivers, and after a very short time only 2! They are never late and usually arrive early. The care provided to my wife is outstanding, as in having a personal handmaiden! From the very first day, the ladies entered our home professionally and assumed control as required. They treated my wife with dignity at all times and gained our confidence so much so, that we now consider them as quasi- family! Suggestions from us are unnecessary as they are self-starters and quickly assumed their role. Not only do they perform the basic tasks in a superior manner but seek additional work. To document the activity, the caregivers make detailed notes during each tour of duty which creates a great assistance for me and the doctors. Saint Michael's Home Care is a small company and I believe this contributes to their success. Saint Michael`s Home Care is a “state of the art” group in that they track the location of their employees through the use of computer applications. I don't believe you can do better. I have not found one single thing to give me pause.

  14. Alanda M

    “I am so thankful to be a Saint Michael's employee because I am able to truly be more than a home health aide or companion. I get the opportunity to be a true, caring friend. This enables me to participate in caring for my client’s (patient) physical, mental and spiritual needs. This is the essence of assisting them to continue living their lives to the fullest capacity with dignity and ease. I think I am being blessed for being a blessing! I love my job!!!”

  15. Jelena G

    “I am proud to be an employee of Saint Michael's Home Care Saint Michael's really and truly cares about their clients and employees. If there is ever a problem, question, or concern, the management team at Saint Michael's is always available. I really love being a caregiver because of all the people I have the opportunity to meet and being able to provide them with the personal assistance that they need. I love listening to the client’s life stories, those warm hugs, and seeing the smile on their faces is overwhelming however it makes me feel I have done my job right. I have always enjoyed helping people so I know I am doing the right thing. Anyone can have a job but it takes a special person to be a caregiver.”

  16. Gabrielle G

    “I have greatly enjoyed my time as a caregiver with Saint Michael's Home Care. It is so fulfilling to enrich another person’s life by providing companionship and care that at the time may seem simple; however it makes a significant positive impact in the lives of our clients. It brings me joy to see my clients benefiting from having the help they need, and I am very proud of the work that our company accomplishes in the lives of so many in the Jacksonville area.”

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